Blythburgh Pigs

Our Blythburgh pork comes from the herd of free range pigs that are reared on the picturesque north Suffolk coast. These pigs benefit from being reared for four weeks longer that conventionally reared pigs to allow the delicious flavour and mouth watering succulence to develop fully.

The Rare Breed Meat Company – Blythburgh Pigs

Gloucester Old Spot Pigs

The rearing encourages the development of the fine grained meat, full of flavour that our Gloucester Old Spot pigs are renowned for. We do not use additive or growth promoters, the pigs are reared in the traditional way and live a further ten weeks in a stress-free environment.

We have 3 farms where we keep the Old Spots which are all within 5 miles from our farm. All the pigs are taken to a local family abattoir before coming back to our state of the art cutting plant were our butchers are on hand to do your orders.

The Rare Breed Meat Company – Gloucester Old Spot Pigs

Our Rare & Traditional Breeds