Geese of 2022

Our Free Range Geese are now 4 weeks old and are free roaming on our summer-fresh grass.

We collect day old goslings from a trusted, family run hatchery in Norfolk. This year we have 1,800 geese here at Herons Farm.

The goose is a seasonal bird with the first egg being laid around Valentine’s Day and the laying period finishing in July.  We collect day old goslings from a family run hatchery in Norfolk in two batches, the first in mid-April and the second batch four weeks later.

We aim to get the first available goslings, which enables our geese to graze free range for the maximum possible time.  The four-week old goslings are released into the paddocks from mid-May when the grass is at its best and will benefit the geese the most.  After the spring flush, the grass begins to lose its value and we introduce wheat grown here on the farm into their diet.

Unlike intensive producers which slaughter geese at 18 weeks old, our Free Range Geese are slaughtered at 26 to 30 weeks old when the geese are fully mature and full of flavour.  Goose is a flavoursome, high density meat which calls for smaller portions than other types of poultry and best of all, there is little to no waste from a goose – see our cooking tips below.

Why should you buy a your Geese from us?

Producing high quality, free range and ethically reared meat is at the heart of everything we do at Herons Farm.

Geese do not lend themselves to intensive rearing.  Intensively reared geese are slaughtered before the birds reach full maturity and many large producers rear geese indoors in controlled environments; their muscles do not fully mature and the birds will be floppy and wet in appearance.

The Free Range Geese we source are reared to maturity with the benefit of a summer’s fresh grass, dry plucked and game hung for rich, dark and succulent meat that can be cooked to perfection with a crisp golden skin.

Published Date: 20th June 2022

Written by: Kay Tilbury