The poultry enterprise began with 50 white turkeys and 13 geese in 1983 and followed up with 100 chickens for the Easter of 1984. Over the years we have increased our sales and now we are producing over 5000 turkeys, 1850 geese and 350 large table chickens for Christmas.

We have progressed from only rearing White turkeys to now producing more and more Free Range Bronze and now the White turkeys account for only 15% of the total. 85% of the turkeys are Bronze Free Range.

Our Christmas wholesale market is mainly inside the M25 in London and Surrey, we supply from  Thanksgiving onwards and are able to supply the odd bird via The Rare Breed Meat Company vans that deliver to various parts of London on a daily basis. We also sell to companies who provide them as a gifts and our birds are also available at our Blackwells retail farm shop at Coggeshall.

We are very passionate and proud of our product and always encourage butchers and retailers to come and visit and look around our processing and rearing facilities as we feel they can then promote our products to there customers for there benefit as it is important they have knowledge and traceability of the poultry they sell for Christmas. At the 2010 Christmas Turkey Show we were winners of the best bird in the show.

Geese, Chicken & Ducks

The Geese are all free range during the day and have large grass paddocks to graze.

We also supply free range Essex Bird Chickens and Free Range Aylesbury Ducks.

Rare Breed Meat Company Geese


We belong to several accredited organisations, including Anglican Turkey Association, Goose Producers Association and the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association with the latter carrying a strict code of practice that has to be monitored for welfare, feeding quality and current legislation and that can be looked up on their web site.

Rare Breed Meat Company Poultry

Our Rare & Traditional Breeds